The New Sublime 2014

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The New Sublime 2014 from sam hewitt on Vimeo.

The New Sublime

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The Degenerate Art GONG Show

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The Degenerate Art GONG Show

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We are delighted to be holding another GONG Show as part of The Brighton £5 Fringe

ART in many forms that is BROKEN and dangerous will be JUDGED by a panel of experts. YOU the audience will ask questions and VOTE. The winner will get a CASH PRIZE and the artist in last place will be BANNED.

The third in a series of GONG shows by the mischievous Fortune Cats, this is a rare and random chance to contextualise your experience of art.

When: 23rd May 2013 7:30 doors, show starts at 8pm

Where: The Latest Music Bar Brighton

How much?: £5

Degenerate Art Gong Show

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Open call to degenerate artists.

Are you a Degenerate Artist?

Are you A Degenerate Artist?

Yes? Good. This suggests your work fails to reach the physical, mental and moral qualities considered normal and desirable.

The Nazis invented the term (Entartete Kunst) and confiscated any art they could apply it to. They then toured over 650 works from some of the most influential artists of the 20th century in the bizarre hope of showing it’s moral and aesthetic shortcomings.

The Degenerate Art GONG Show (the third in a series of Art GONG Shows) aims to draw a new line in the sand between modern concepts of decency in art on one side, and the degenerates on the other. Who are the new Nazis? The Arts Council? The Curators? The Daily Mail?

We are looking for visual art, sound, digital or performance work that shows evidence of, or deals directly with, physical, mental or moral decline.

The work will be shown to a panel of experts and a voting audience at The Latest Bar, Brighton on May 23rd. You may speak about the work and you will be asked questions.

The winner gets a cash prize and the artist with the fewest votes will be banned from showing such work for one year.

For further information please contact:

The Conscious Machine – Orientation Film.

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The Conscious Machine v3.1

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#BDF12 Digital Art GONG Show

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The Brighton Digital Festival Digital Art GONG Show was held at Fabrica on the evening of 10th September 2012.


Jon Pratty Cara Courage Simon Wilkinson
@jon_pratty @caracourage @circa69_uk


Seb Lee-Delisle
Jeremt Ravan
Digital Scribbling
Tom Betts
In Ruins
CutUp Magazine
Max Dovey
Twitter Theatre/td>


Jeremy Radvan

The Digital Art GONG Show 2012

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Hosted by his Holiness the Reverend Michael James Parker, this is an opportunity to speak freely within the hallowed pillars of Fabrica – until the GONG tolls…

Six Digital Artists show works to a judging panel of seasoned art professionals.
YOU ask the questions YOU vote for the winner

£3 ENTRY buys YOU 3 votes

20:00, 10 September 2012 at Fabrica Gallery, Brighton


Brighton Digital Art GONG Show 2012 – Call to Artists

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Dear artist

We are inviting artists working with digital technology to present an artwork and answer questions. It can be a completed piece, or work in progress and there will be a laptop, projector and PA at your disposal.

There is a panel of experts (including Jon Pratty from the Arts Council) who will comment on the work presented.

The audience then comment or ask questions.

The Gong is is rung to denote moments of significance. These can be salient questions, moments of clarity, confusion, boredom or poetry.

At the end the audience votes and the winner receives £50 and the Brighton Digital Art Prize.

The Digital Art GONG Show will take place at the Fabrica gallery on Monday 10th September 8-11pm.

We ran a Contemporary Art GONG Show in this year’s Brighton Festival and all the contributors found it useful for their practice.

If you are interested in contributing please fill in the form below (and please pass this on to anyone you think fits the bill.)