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The Brighton £5ringe Contemporary Art GONG Show

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Contemporary Art GONG Show

The May Festival is almost upon us and Brighton’s art community stands ready to peddle it’s wares. Yet it seems there are few opportunities for visual and conceptual art to be publicly discussed and judged.

This is a call out to any artist who feels courageous and unseen, be they established or emerging.

On the afternoon of Sunday May 27th at The Rock in Kemptown as part of the £5 Fringe, Fortunecat Productions are running an Art Gong Show in which a panel of seasoned art practitioners give their responses to work presented.

You are invited to bring an object, painting, idea, digital image or short performance that you feel represents your art practice.

The judges discuss the works and question the artist before the audience vote for their favorites.

The winner receives the £5 Fringe Art Prize

The artist in last place will be banned from showing any art for six months.

If you would like to participate, please email sam@fortunecatproductions.com

Chatbot vs Chatbot

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Fascinating to watch the conversation to turn, so soon, to Unicorns and God.

A Recap

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Much of the work of Dh Drab and Shardcore is an argument, not about the existence of God, but about how the possibilities of human consciousness can be discussed in art.

They have made three installations in two different churches using paintings of the human form.  These showed that the conceptual fragility of religion and the obsolescence of painting, in combination, could produce powerful comments about the relationship of an individual to a society.

Last year they placed two giant Fortune Cats in Jubilee Square, gave them the role of gods and created a fanatical cult of robed worshippers.  The public then asked the Cats questions and received The Answers.

The Enlightenment Machine at the Latest is the prototype for a series of installations that reflect some of our modern, uncategorised uses for the God experience.


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